Online Media and Pay Per Click Campaigns

Online media refers to any online marketing where you buy ads and placement. These campaigns are also called Pay Per Click because you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Pay Per Click advertising is available on search engines as well as social media platforms.

Paid ads are time consuming and varied. Each business has its own trend that allows us to take advantage of being proactive using historical data to pre-plan for need periods.

Our online media campaigns are managed weekly. We don’t take a set-it and forget-it approach. Whatever your budget we take the time to maximize it on your business campaigns.


Search Engine Marketing

This highly targeted advertising tactic works best to drive traffic to your website. Paired with a strong search engine optimization strategy, pay-per-click can help you gain more visibility on the search engine results page. With pay-per-click, your advertising budget is optimized to drive only high-quality leads.


We build out your marketing budget to complement your existing SEO strategy. Using brand, location, demand generation, and niche terms to target your customers and generate more leads.


Our team provides weekly management of your campaign. We make sure your budget is spent on the highest converting keywords and optimize the placement of your ads across all selected search engines.

Expand Your Reach

Social Media

Our social media ad campaigns choose a highly targeted audience that matches your ideal customer and their behaviors. These campaigns allow us to target people who are in the market for your business and who have shown interest in your competitors and the ILS’s you use. These ads can also be geo-targeted to reach an audience in a specific location or your primary feeder markets.


Our team compiles a full social profile for your business to develop a targeted social ad strategy. We’ll use a mix of prospecting and retargeting campaigns to return quality leads to your business.


Our team provides weekly management of your social ad campaigns. we optimize audience, messaging, and image and video collateral to ensure you’re reaching the right audience and delivering the right message to drive conversions.

Stay in Front of Your Audience

Display Ads

Display ads run on the same pay-per-click strategy as search engine marketing. You can use display advertising to showcase a visual representation of your business. This strategy uses behavior-based targeting combined with imagery to showcase your business.

Your customers perform a lot of searches before settling on a service provider to call. Stay top of mind with display ads that help your brand stay present in every phase of the customer search.


Our team will use a combination of internet tracking and behavioral targeting to create visibility for your business. Once a customer shows interest in your business, we’ll follow them across the web to keep your brand top of mind.


Our team provides weekly management of your display ad campaigns to ensure your advertising budget is maximized to deliver to the right audience. We’ll also update the display ads with your imagery and brand messaging to increase click-through-rates and leads.


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